Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday 2012

As we head into this holiday season, the Anchor No.5 artists have been working feverishly on each of their specialties, Petra is preparing another one of her infamously creative window displays, and the dates are set for many River Street festivities.  If you've been into the boutique in the past, you understand the unique and relaxed shopping experience Anchor No. 5 provides with its carefully curated selection.  A gift from a local artist has the inherent beauty and distinction that only comes from hand-made items. 

Anchor No.5 is now carrying wok by local photographer William Gill.  His night railroad photography is awe inspiring in complexity and content.  Another new comer to the Anchor No.5 crew is Eric Rose, who describes each of his pieces as a "labor of love."  A hand crafted Rose Wood utensil or cutting board would be a wonderful gift that would be used for years.

Anchor No. 5 will be open EVERY DAY until Christmas!  River Street will be buzzing on Black Friday, Buy Local Saturday, and for the Victorian Stroll on Sunday, December 2.  Join us for an enjoyable shopping experience, and a wonderful holiday season.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Allison Clarke

Allison Clarke creates delicate compositions of entangled images, inspired by nature and her own imagination.  Allison's obsession with paper cutting has grown into a collection which includes her unique framed paper cuttings, paper cut letters, handmade cards, and baby wall art.  Each piece is hand cut and one of a kind.

Allison describes her artwork as intricate and soft.  She goes on to explain, "My art is influenced by the raw beauty all around us.  I use emotions, feelings, and actions I see or feel as an inspiration for my work.  I also find the quietness in nature and myself, and draw out the elements of life that go unnoticed."

Allison Clarke's unique framed paper cuttings, paper cut letters, handmade cards, and baby wall art are all available at Anchor No. 5 Boutique, and custom orders are available upon request.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tiane Novati by Tara Holmes

Tiane Novati is a vintage inspired collection of accessories with an elegant and graceful appeal.  Tara Holmes has been making clothing for herself and friends since she was young, eventually finding her niche in accessories and starting Tiane Novati in July of 2009.  This collection features hair accessories, as well as jewelry, makeup bags and shoe clips, with custom orders available upon request.

 This Friday for Troy Night Out, Tara will introduce Tiane Novati's new Bridal Line, exclusively sold at Anchor No. 5 Boutique.  The collection will consist of items for the bride, bridal party, and attendees, including veils, hair accessories, flower girl adornments, garters, sashes, fascinators, and fabric flower bouquets.  Tara will use a mix of feathers, pearls, stones, laces and tulle in traditional white, ecru, creme and champagne color schemes, as well as non traditional dusty pinks, light blues, silvers and sage.  As this collection grows Tara hopes to add men's accessories such as boutonnieres and bow ties. 

 Join us this Friday for Troy Night Out at Anchor No. 5 Boutique to celebrate the artist of the month, Tara Holmes, her collection, Tiane Novati and the debut of her new bridal line.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

DITTY DROPS by Meredith Schwab

DITTY DROPS is a trendy and playful collection forged out of the self expression of Meredith Schwab. I asked Meredith some questions about her collection, available at Anchor No.5 Boutique:

How long have you been creating prints?  What other type of artwork have you created in the past?

Geometric shapes and patterns have always been an undercurrent in my work, within the past few years it has become my focus.  My background is in painting, I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2006 and recently received my Masters of Fine Arts from SUNY Albany.  I've always been interested in pattern play and motifs in high fashion.  I enjoy taking those elite and recognizable fashion trends and manipulating them into something more handcrafted and sometimes tongue and cheek, my Faux Gemstone Collection is a prime example of this playfulness.

What led to the creation of the brand DITTY DROPS?

DITTY DROPS was born from an impulsive move to Berlin, Germany in 2012 where I was smack dab in the middle of tons of art and culture, geometric trends in jewelry and graffiti were ever present...I was in heaven.  I made a lot of new artwork while I was living in Berlin, but couldn't sell anything, once back in the states I had a eureka moment...this stuff should be on jewelry.  I've since expanded the collections to include fine art prints, greeting cards, and canvas tote bags, I want my designs to be on everything!

Can we expect anything new from you at Anchor No.5 for your month as the featured artist?

I made some rockin' original illustrations for the shop.  They are inspired by my sketchbook doodles of designs in the beginning stages.  Their aesthetic is inspired by vintage lithography and screen printing.

How would you describe this collection as a whole?

DITTY DROPS is unabashedly bright and bold geometric jewelry, prints and accessories that  feature original interpretations of on trend patterns and motifs, such as tribal and southwestern, ombre, and classics like polka dots and stripes.

Can you tell me more about your creative and production processes?

All of my jewelry is made by hand in my home in Saratoga or England.  My self-invented process took me quite a while to perfect, and even now is tedious.  A question I often get is 'what are these things made of?'  I use high grade plastic by a company called Grafix, along with jeweler's resin, and stainless steel or sterling silver components.  I make all the prints and cards myself as well, and the kind folks over at Design It Together on River Street in Troy make my killer tote bags.

Visit Anchor No.5 Boutique to experience the collection first hand and visit DITTY DROPS sites for more info.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FunCycled by John and Sarah

 Husband and wife team John and Sarah restore and revive the furniture that becomes part of FunCycled.  They started FunCycled because it was something they could do as a family that also incorporated upcycled products and unique designs.

For Troy Night Out and the month of August, Anchor No.5 will feature an Eden green upholstered chair with damask fabric and a matching painted table.  As well as a paprika red antique jury style chair with a modern floral fabric, and a matching paprika red and black chevron side table.

The designs maintain the charm of the original piece of furniture while adding contemporary design.  FunCycled not only has furniture pieces for sale, but will also find and customize furniture pieces for clients, as well as redesign pieces that people already own.

"We love working with clients to design furniture as focal points for each room." -Sarah

Join us in celebrating FunCycled this Friday for Troy Night Out at Anchor No.5 Boutique, and visit for more info.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh, Sew Urban by Liz Urban

Oh, Sew Urban is a collection which conceptualized and has grown thanks to Anchor No.5 Boutique.  After discussing projects and the boutique with her co-worker Nadine Medina (NadineMedinaDesigns), Liz developed the idea for her Cloth Wine Bags.

"I started with the wine bags because I thought it was a great addition to an easy gift when you go to a party or around the holidays. Everything sort of grew from there. I love going into Anchor No. 5 to bounce ideas off of Petra because she has so much experience, and from those chat sessions the collection grew to include a lot of cute things for the house - placemats, coasters, napkins, etc."

Liz picked up sewing in college, but really got into it when she started the tradition of making her own dresses to wear to her company's Christmas parties.  This led her to sewing queen size quilts for each of her siblings and falling in the love with the craft.

Oh So Urban wine bags, placemats, coasters, and napkins are now available at Anchor No.5, and Liz is very excited to introduce her new collection of aprons.  All of her products come in fun colors and prints, making wonderful accents for your home.  All are 100% cotton, making them machine washable, and are made up of contrasting fabrics and colors, whether they're reversible like the placemats or coasters; or are two toned like the wine bags.

Liz has many projects in the works, and the enthusiasm to follow through on them.

"I have a laundry list of ideas to keep the home/kitchen line fresh with table runners and whatever else I can think of. "

Custom orders are available upon request.  That includes items sold at Anchor No.5 Boutique in custom patterns or colors, and quilts of any size.

Join us this Troy Night Out to celebrate the work of one of the newest members to the Anchor No.5 family, Liz Urban.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

DreLove Designs by Dre Fagan

Have YOU felt the Love?

When asked about her DreLove Designs, Dre describes it as "a collection of all things fabulously felty! My collection ranges from hair accessories to fantastical stuffed creatures." Dre began designing DreLove back in October 2011 with bobbies, and quickly expanded her line to meet the growing demand for her products.

The collection now ranges from accessories to decor, and the newest line - cozy, colorful Creatures - will make their debut this Friday at Troy Night Out. Dre works mainly with felt because "it's got great texture, is soft and cozy," and allows her to experiment with 'funtastc' color combinations.

Dre has incredible energy and excitement about DreLove, saying "if it doesn't make me squeak or giggle with delight, it's not finished." Her collection continues to grow with the help of Anchor No. 5 Boutique - "Petra has been such an amazing mentor, friend and inspiration - she constantly supports me with her time, expertise, and praises."

Here is a list - as written by the Artist of the Month - of DreLove Designs are featured at Anchor No. 5 Boutique.

Babybands - Bright fabric bands popping with rosettes, pompoms & bling for your wee one!
Bobbies, hair clips & ponytail elastics- From rosettes to geometrics, these little darlings add a pop of color and texture to your hair!
Bookmarks- Mark your page with these fabulous heart-shaped bookmarks, available in
every color of the rainbow!
Brooches- All shapes, colors & sizes of flowers & geometrics to jazz up your blouse or coat!
Headbands- Darling little bows and flowers to adorn your cranium!
Stuffys- Monsters & assorted Creatures! The newest line from DreLoveDesigns, cuddle up with these fun new cuties! Starring: Moustachio, Monsters, Eyegor Monsters, HootyOwls & Plushy Penguins, with many more to come!
"Text-ure" Cards - For any occasion, send a little love with these felted texty designs
<3 xoxo YTB ;)
Wreaths - Add some cozy color to the entrance of your home! Custom Orders are ALWAYS WELCOME!

Monday, March 19, 2012


We are currently scheduling our Artist's for Spring!

Check back to learn about Next Month's Artist of the Month before April's Troy Night out on the

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. I know, it's an over-commercialized holiday, supposedly to celebrate some Christian Saint, or some cherub with an arrow in a diaper, perpetuated by diamond and greeting card companies. I agree, but does that mean we say 'screw it' and move on to the next day? Or do we make it our own and celebrate?!

Get past the tacky red foil you're bombarded with at the grocery store. Show your Valentine you love them with something special. Anchor No.5 has an assortment of locally handmade items that will remind this person you love them, every time they use, look at, or wear it.