Saturday, February 26, 2011


If you've had the pleasure of visiting Anchor No.5 Boutique in Troy, then you already know that it features over 50 designers from the Capital Region, who create a wide range of stylish products. Starting in March, Anchor No. 5 will feature a different artist each month, and this is the place to find out about them.

Here you can find out who the featured artist is, what kind of products they create, and all of the reasons you will love their work. This blog will be published the Monday before Troy Night Out, and will allow you to get to know the designer and their collection, which will be featured in the Boutique for the next month.

My name is Kristin Gallo and I am the designer behind Revel, a collection of original artwork for individual style. My line includes wallets, scarves, and bandannas, all made from hand painted fabric, plus a unique set of bottle openers.

I met Petra Jancovicova in a sculpture class at The University at Albany, where we worked side by side in the wood and metal shops. I remember her showing up to class after staying up all night to fill orders as her handbag line, Petra, was growing in popularity.

Petra continued to successfully design and produce Petra, diligently studying and building on the latest trends, and selling them throughout the region and beyond. While doing this she built a vast network of artists and designers from the area, which made her next step clear, a place where all of their hard work and talent could be showcased, Anchor No.5 Boutique.

We are a community of artists who admire and support each other, while hoping to better our broader local community. At the same time we hope that the community will return the favor. Read this blog to learn more about us, yell at us on the street if you like our work, and celebrate with us at Troy Night Out. Visit Anchor No.5 and see the ever changing and growing inventory. Petra is constantly shaking things up and pushing herself to come up with more creative and chic in store and window displays.

Hope to see you there.

Kristin Gallo