Monday, May 23, 2011

s.j.l. original: Stacie J. Lucas

Fresh, funky, elegant - not words I would normally use to describe handmade felted jewelry, but Stacie J. Lucas pulls it off flawlessly.

Stacie starts by buying wool roving by the pound, coming in balls as big as her head. She breaks off chunks and winds the wool into loose little balls, then spends several hours at a time elbow deep in warm, soapy water, rolling those pretty little balls in her palms. They take about a day to thoroughly dry, then she strings them up to create these artistic and stylish pieces, that seem to scream out "touch me."

Stacie's love of fiber led her to begin felting in the spring of 2009, and her excitement over the process continues to spur new ideas. Currently she is exploring the subtle contrast between
different textures: fuzzy wool vs. smooth fabric or ribbon. s.j.l. original's fabric rosettes compliment the balls of felted wool to create beautiful accessories, which are the perfect way to add an artistic touch to an outfit, while still attaining a sophisticated look.

Stacie describes herself as "a perfectionist to a fault. The nature of handmade goodies is that you can't make them perfect, that might be what is so desirable about them, but I spend a good deal of time putting things together that are of the quality I would want for myself." She prefers her customers get exactly what they want, so custom orders are welcome. Everything is interchangeable, this color can go on that style, or that necklace needs to be this length, etc.

As you can tell by the photos these items are beautiful, but their tactile qualities deserve attention. They are of course featured this month at Anchor No. 5 Boutique, and are the headliners of Troy Night Out this Friday. Hope to see you there.

Kristin Gallo