Monday, April 25, 2011


Before I met Laura, I had known of her as two different figures in the local scene . I became familiar with her collection 'Birds are Beautiful' at Anchor No.5, and I've been enjoying her radio show 'Hello Pretty City' on WEXT. So it was wonderful to see how these two personas collide, and get to know Laura Glazer.

She invited me into her apartment and let me see her shelves, and neatly labeled drawers, and boxes, and bins, of beautiful artwork, each piece a unique and personal creation. I got to see some of the greeting cards Laura is getting ready to bring over to Anchor No.5 for Troy Night Out. Her postage stamp cards have a graceful aesthetic, paired with one of her unique styles of handwriting, each having a personality all their own. Every card receives a great deal of creative attention, as well as effort in construction, because Laura wants each to be a special keepsake that will last.

I stood amazed at the perfect tiny letters as she spelled out Happy Mother's Day on a card, and Laura told me about how when she was in elementary school, she and her classmates would compete for who had the best penmanship. Since then she has always been fascinated by other people's handwriting.

Handwriting is Laura's thing, she has a favorite pen, papers with different notes in various fonts around her work area, and has even had family members frame an envelope that she wrote out and sent a holiday card in. She also showcases her handwriting on the pins she makes which feature clever phrases like, "Larkness Monster," and "You take Brooklyn I'll take Troy."

Laura likes to do custom pin orders for small businesses, bands, and artists, and loves her full time job at Albany Med doing marketing and graphic design. All of this, not to mention her radio show, 'Hello Pretty City' on WEXT, and a photography show in Hudson opening April 30th, Laura Glazer keeps busy. No wonder she expressed how great it is to have Anchor No.5 Boutique, which allows her to work at her own pace, and use her passion to create handmade and affordable pieces of artwork for others to enjoy.

Join us this Friday to celebrate Troy Night Out, our featured artist Laura Glazer, and her collection, 'Birds are Beautiful'.

Kristin Gallo