Sunday, April 22, 2012

DreLove Designs by Dre Fagan

Have YOU felt the Love?

When asked about her DreLove Designs, Dre describes it as "a collection of all things fabulously felty! My collection ranges from hair accessories to fantastical stuffed creatures." Dre began designing DreLove back in October 2011 with bobbies, and quickly expanded her line to meet the growing demand for her products.

The collection now ranges from accessories to decor, and the newest line - cozy, colorful Creatures - will make their debut this Friday at Troy Night Out. Dre works mainly with felt because "it's got great texture, is soft and cozy," and allows her to experiment with 'funtastc' color combinations.

Dre has incredible energy and excitement about DreLove, saying "if it doesn't make me squeak or giggle with delight, it's not finished." Her collection continues to grow with the help of Anchor No. 5 Boutique - "Petra has been such an amazing mentor, friend and inspiration - she constantly supports me with her time, expertise, and praises."

Here is a list - as written by the Artist of the Month - of DreLove Designs are featured at Anchor No. 5 Boutique.

Babybands - Bright fabric bands popping with rosettes, pompoms & bling for your wee one!
Bobbies, hair clips & ponytail elastics- From rosettes to geometrics, these little darlings add a pop of color and texture to your hair!
Bookmarks- Mark your page with these fabulous heart-shaped bookmarks, available in
every color of the rainbow!
Brooches- All shapes, colors & sizes of flowers & geometrics to jazz up your blouse or coat!
Headbands- Darling little bows and flowers to adorn your cranium!
Stuffys- Monsters & assorted Creatures! The newest line from DreLoveDesigns, cuddle up with these fun new cuties! Starring: Moustachio, Monsters, Eyegor Monsters, HootyOwls & Plushy Penguins, with many more to come!
"Text-ure" Cards - For any occasion, send a little love with these felted texty designs
<3 xoxo YTB ;)
Wreaths - Add some cozy color to the entrance of your home! Custom Orders are ALWAYS WELCOME!