Monday, September 26, 2011

Sock the Monkey and Friends: Nicole K.

Dubbing herself "Head Monkey Mistress," Nicole K. uses socks to create charming, oddball creatures, that amuse and delight young and old alike.

The collection includes monkeys, monsters, bunnies, owls, puppies, lions, and baby dinosaurs. Every creature Nicole creates is unique, and she'll often go as far as naming and making up little tidbits about them.

"I sold one that had one arm that turned out longer than the other. I named him Special Ed and wrote a sign that he was bad at math. A math teacher ended up buying him for her classroom.
It was awesome."

Nicole doesn't just create pieces of artwork, but personalities. Take her monkey "Clocky" (Alex from the Clockwork Orange), or her "Hipster Monkey, complete with skinny jeans and ironic belt buckle." Nicole loves coming up with new ideas and perfecting the characters she is creating, but she especially loves the joy they bring to others.

"I LOVE to make customs ones! I WANT people to bring me socks that they love so I can make something awesome for them." You can place a custom order through Petra at Anchor No.5, or email Nicole at

Nicole was making them all by hand until a good friend decided to invest in her and bought her a sewing machine and materials. Let's all show our support for Nicole, and our love for Sock the Monkey this Friday at Troy Night Out.

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of Sock the Monkey on Facebook, and check more out at Anchor No.5 or Nicole's Etsy shop.

When Nicole's not Socking Out she's Rocking Out, check out her band Hot Cousin here.

Kristin Gallo

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