Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kendra Conroy Photography

For such a young photographer, Kendra Conroy already has an advanced skill set, and captivating expression. Her ability as an artist is affirmed by the fact that she is already a working photographer, selling her work at Anchor No. 5 Boutique, fresh out of High School and now studying Fine Art at the college level.

Do you have a favorite subject matter?
"Yes I do, I love morning dew! I lay down in the wet grass, bright and early while ignoring the neighbors dog barking, just so I can get that one drop on the grass blade. I love taking pictures of morning dew because I know that if I move on to another spot I might just find an even better shot."

When describing her nature photos, Kendra says, "I am trying to get people to look into the picture, rather than just seeing that it is a regular old flower." She accomplishes this with photographs that are much more about light, shapes, and layers of color than subject matter. They force you to stare and observe these elements, rather than think about the specific object you are looking at.

Even her photos of food communicate texture and color. Greeting cards with photographs of cupcakes are available, which make a perfect Birthday Card for everyone.

"I started getting serious about portraiture when I babysat two young girls, when I was about 17. I would take pictures and learn from them how to pose people, what angles to shoot at, and to just have fun. They motivated me to keep going and I worked with a photographer in Avalon, NJ who mainly focused on portraiture. I noticed how great she was with the children and fell in love with her pictures. She is one of the many fabulous people who have motivated me to continue with photography and learn more about it."

Kendra says that she enjoys portraiture because she wants to create memories for families. Through her lens she is able to capture the distinct personality, and genuine emotion of her subjects.

Join us this Friday during Troy Night Out, at Anchor No.5 Boutique, to celebrate the photography of Kendra Conroy. Become a fan of Kendra's on Facebook, and check out her website for more photos and information.

Kristin Gallo

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